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November 2009



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Nov. 11th, 2009

Lee Hester Song list

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Dec. 14th, 2006

My thoughts on Cassie Robinson and Dean/Cassie

Well, I've already got a lot of entries in my journal on Jo, one of the most controversial characters ever to be introduced into the SN world, so now I think I'll put down my view on Cassie Robinson, perhaps the only other character to ever cause such a ruckus among SN fans. First off, this is my analysis of Cassie's character, not the actress who portrayed her. (My opinion on Megalyn's acting in this role was that it was for the most part fair (barring that scene in her house when she was supposed to be scared of the phantom truck, *shivers*, sorry, but IMO, that was some of the worst acting I've ever seen!) but definitely not the best I've seen from her. She was much better as Nicole Palmer in 24, IMO; I only saw her for a couple of minutes on screen in episode of 24 that I watched, but she made a much more lasting impression on me in this role than she did playing Cassie for an entire episode.) On to Cassie, I thought that her character was well-written; she was definately a strong, determined character who stood up for what she believed in. I also liked how her character was honest with Dean; IMO, she loved him, but knew that she didn't want to be a part the world he lived in and was straight with Dean when it came to that point. Which brings me to why I think that the only way she and Dean will ever be a couple is if Dean gives up hunting entirely. Cassie's character actually reminds me of Dr. Anne Lindsay, another character from another favourite series of mine, The Highlander. In The Highlander, Dr. Lindsay was the love interest of the main character, Duncan MacLeod. Their first break-up comes when Duncan "dies" in front of her, and is forced to leave the country with her believe that he is dead. (The Highlander was a series about a group of people who could only die permanently if beheaded, otherwise they simply died and came back to life.) After certain events, Duncan decides to call Anne and tell her the truth about his immortality; Anne and Duncan get together once more, but ultimately, Anne breaks the relationship off with Duncan, even though she is very much still in love with him, after an incident involving another immortal causes her to realize what living in Duncan's world could do to her. I see a lot of parallels here, when it comes to Cassie and Dean, especially in why their break-up may be permanent. IMO, Cassie was ready to start things over with Dean up until the point where the phantom truck came to her home; it was at this point that she realized that a relationship with a still hunting Dean could potentially mean incidents like this happening every month/week/day?....even once a year would likely be too often for her liking, and thus she made the decision not to be a part of the supernatural world, even if it meant cutting Dean out of her future as well. In my opinion, the hunt will always be a part of Dean's life, and even if he comes to balance a "normal life" with that of the hunt I still think that Cassie's almost too-close to call experience with the supernatural would leave her feeling that any, however small, supernatural connection to her life would be too much.

Why I'm a Dean/Layla Shipper

I loved Layla and I think that she would be an ideal match for Dean. Why did I love her? The main reason I loved her is because I thought that she was so different from other girls of the week - she had such soft, gentle mannerisms but underneath it all was an inner strength and maturity that, IMO, was truly amazing. I think that, in the end, if she lived, she would be great for Dean. Dean is someone who lives in a dark world, where evil just seems to be everywhere; such a world can be overwhelming, and I think that the girl for Dean will need a lot of strength in order to live in this world with him, a girl like Layla. I think that Layla's faith (the source of her strength) would enable Layla survive (emotionally, that is) and not be overwhelmed by the darkness of the hunt. More than that, I think that Layla could help to anchor Dean when the darkness seems to become too much for him. Dean said in faith that he saw what evil did to good people - to me this shows that Dean believes that evil is truly overwhelming, but I think that Layla could help to show him what good there is in the world and how good can change evil. Another reason that I like Layla is because she is NOT a hunter; I really don't think that Dean should end-up with a hunter in the end (or at least not one like he is now, whose whole life is the job). The main reason is because it's obvious that a part of Dean still has dreams and goals of his own that he would love to pursue, and I think that if he ended up with someone whose life was also the job, that he would never go after them, but with someone who understands the job (something that I think Layla would) but also has a life outside of the hunt, he (with that girl's encouragement, perhaps) would be more inclined to trying to balance the hunt and a "normal life". In the end, IMO, Dean needs a girl who is not only strong enough to face the dark world he lives in, but is strong enough to anchor him, as well as deal with any of the emotional baggage and walls he has, and, IMO, Layla, because of her faith, would be able to do this.

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